Liverpool Pembroke & Sefton Harriers Web Portal        Version [V2.46B]

V2.46B Bug crept in following change in a database name from "Place of Birth" to PoB,needed to alter the referenced files in my code[04/08/2018]
V2.45B Fixed Bug in reports[This would crash the progrram with a databse error,this was caused by it not loading the datasource [02/08/2018]
V2.44B Fixed problem,I must manually enter their details though web authorisation,this is done using VS2012 [31/07/2018].If a user enters it through registration i need to delete it and make a new record.
V2.43B Stil looking at problem with no menus showing and also why somone can log in without a passord this looks like they have attempted to register using interface[30/07/2018]
V2.42B Looking at problem with no menus showing and also why somone can log in without a passord [16/07/2018]
V2.41B New calendar controls in Add member Form(This is a beta build [19/12/2016]
V2.40B New Menus and None member report(This is a beta build [11/11/2016]
V2.39 Temporary fix to age group problem when sending group email [22/09/2016]
V2.38 Added new items to dropdown Role when adding a new member,if new member is either a coach,competing or an official choose suitable item ending with admin. This gives full access to AutoCoach as opposed to limited access such as a Competing or Social athlete [10/07/2016]
V2.37 Added Coach Paul Bousfield and removed Louise Ramsey [22/06/2016]
V2.36 Fixed Email button paperclip image vanishing after pressing Ok! [28/05/2016]
V2.35 Minor ammendment to show current year for subs
V2.34 Fixed dob and doe bug when editing athlete previously had to repick them with date picker prior to saving,also removed the time part of date[16/01/2016]
V2.33 Bug fix from V2.30 did not fix the problem.This is now fixed [30/12/2015]
V2.32 Added Karyn and Chris Hannaway to coach list [18/10/2015]
V2.31 Added Mark Bleasdale and Kirsty Longly to coach list, problem not saving user that entered an athletes subs payment fixed [10/04/2015]
V2.30 Bug finally fixed that gave wrong school year.Now uses function from AutoCoach program [06/04/2015]
V2.29 Minor ammendments Added validation to New member for field Role in club and header font for Members sorting changed to blue font [04/04/2015]
V2.28 Fixed bug in Quick search which related to null value in Subs field instead of 0 or 1 [07/03/2015]
V2.27 Added facility to pay subs using Quick search [25/02/2015]
V2.26 Added payment button when adding a new member and also added Official to role in club dropdownlist. [17/02/2015]
V2.25 Added validation to New member form so required fields need to be filled in. [30/01/2015]
V2.24 Bug fixed that gave wrong school year when adding a new member of school age [19/11/2014]
V2.23 Added facility to edit and save athlete discipline [17/10/2014]
V2.22 Added novice category to discipline list.
V2.21 Updated Records for subs paid.
V2.20 Fixed email athlete age group for bulk emails
V2.19 Added verification to email address when a new member is entered
V2.18 Fixed Login Bug.
V2.17 Minor update added Search button to QuickSearch.
V2.16 Fixed date bug when editing athlete previously needed to enter date in yyyy/mm/dd format.