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Version 4.72      30/04/2016

Added facility to add or subtract number of efforts for each individual athlete from the automatic session.

Version 4.71      12/04/2016

Now added facility for an athlete to register for training online,if there are Multiple athletes in the family then The dropdownlist will expand to include all athletes and a Tick box to select who will be attending.

Version 4.70      14/02/2016

Major build added Coach entry to edit or create sessions and to Schedule a session for a given date,unique feature is to just enter a generic session from dropdown list ie 400M and then choose Total session session distance for the top athlete. Choose type of session ie Alactic,Aerobic Anaerobic lactate etc and when all boxes are ticked click save. On the date of session all athletes that have pre-registered for that session will have sessions clearly laid out with Pace,Recovery qty etc. None registered can be registered by clicking a checkbox and they will then be included in that session.

Version 4.69      03/02/2016

Added some interface enhancements.Gridview for entering a competition or exiting a competition are now contained in the footer row of the Edit my Profile form giving a more compact interface to view.

Version 4.68      23/01/2016

Added facility for Coaches to add edit or create sessions and to Save as Private or Share amongst selected Coaches or to make Global which means any Coach on the network has access to this session. This is work in progress So not yet fully functional. However will not cause any issues with main program.

Version 4.67      30/12/2015

Athletes School year now working correctly..I Hope

Version 4.66      20/12/2015

Fixed bug that crashed out of program if a DOB was not entered when entering a new athlete. It now has that field validated with a validation error if omitted.

Version 4.65      09/12/2015

Now has a Saturday session with a new Button caled Hill this wil record times at the Beacon or other Saturday sessions. Previous button was a toggle button for Track or Trail,This has now beeen replaced with Track Trail and Hill Buttons. Wish List It is intended to have sessions for every day in the week so an athlete may Log in and see individual sessions tailored to their ability. If an athlete is injured or ill then the Coach may enter an injury/illness from a dropdownlist and this will alter sessions to suit the athletes period of reduced/or No training

Version 4.64      01/12/2015

Fully functioning program. added menus and part of logic for multi coach support,this function not working as should be yet.

Version 4.63      20/11/2015

New Feature added That receives a text message from an athlete and automatically populates the training database at the touch of a button,so it will be known in advance who will be at training.The procedure for this is to send Text 39ELW folowed by last four digits of LPS ID without spaces so if an athlete has an ID of LPS01050 then their message would be 39ELW1050 and send to 60777 if you have more than one athlete just add their ID to the text but with no spaces. Do not add any message at all to the text as required as it will not work. Their wil be no response to this text but if it has sent then i will have this information on the database with an automatic session selected for the athletes ability. If an athlete is not going to training then no text is required.There is a time window when these texts may be sent. Tuesday session from the preceding Sunday thru to Tuesday evening strict cut off time is 5:30 pm on the Tuesday. Thursday session from Wednesday day before thru to Thursday evening strict cut off time is 5:30 pm on the Thursday. Beacon session from Friday day before thru to Saturday morning strict cut off time is 11:30 am on the Saturday.

Version 4.62      11/11/2015

Minor changes Checkbox to sign in is now dynamic. Dropdownlist Groups is hidden when not required.

Version 4.61      08/11/2015

Bug fix that duplicated athletes in athletes table if adding an athlete(s) after all athletes had been registered for that session So if an athlete arrives late can be added without duplication of all other athletes in the athlete table. This was done by making a composite index of athlete and session date in athletes table and making this unique so not allowing duplicates If a duplicate was added this would throw up an error which was contained by a simple Try catch end catch routine in the code. Added an athlete counter so do not need to manualy count checked list to see how many athletes had signed in Added a group athletes for none timed sessions which is colour coded to easily identify athletes of similar ability. Timer now incorporated in Handicap session code Courtesy of Stephen McCarten

Version 4.60      10/10/2015

Gone back to Visual Studio 2013 as too many bugs in VS 2015 Added sort categories YR,Name,Summer and Winter.Summer and Winter buttons automatically choose an athletes agegrade ratings from a different field. The Summer button is based on 1.3K time trial and sorts accordingly. The Winter button is based on 2.6K time trial and sorts accordingly. These buttons can be used irrespective of the season and are used primarily to sort the athletes ie if the session is going to be a short fast session Then the Summer button would sort the athletes in an order and also give sessions that favour the shorter distance runners.The Winter button would be the opposite.

Version 4.59      04/10/2015

Changed all connection strings to read just one in web config file so when i work on programme on Pc and copy to laptop I just need to change the connection string in one place in the web config file.

Version 4.58      06/09/2015

Minor changes Added 2.6K Time Trial to Menu and facility to record these times.

Version 4.57      31/08/2015

Added facility for an athlete to edit the importance to them of an event,this will then tailor the training they receive as the event approaches.

Version 4.56      25/08/2015

Now compiled with Visual Studio 2015. Added Road relay training to sessions.

Version 4.55      07/08/2015

Fixed code that would not save more than two athletes times. Have intoduced a 2.6K time trial which will be used more for the Winter XC Season.

Version Beta 4.54      25/07/2015

Bugged code will not save more than two athletes times in a session

Version Beta 4.53      20/06/2015

Hardcoded sessions and created icons for coloured cones to visually inform which cone to run to in each dropdown list.

Version 4.52      31/05/2015

Code now completed If an athlete has a forthcoming competition then this will adjust the athletes training schedule automatically depending on the priority and is fully functional.

Version 4.51      25/04/2015

Major release Added pace calculator,Competition scheduler so you can choose to edit an athletes details and enter or exit from a databound list of competitions. Competitions can now be added with date, venue, type of competition and also a rating of 1 to 5 on importance 1 being highest priority. If an athlete has a forthcoming competition then this will adjust the athletes training schedule automatically depending on the priority. This is still work in progress and not yet fully functional. Added an automatic handicap calculator that with one mouse click will order a list of athletes for a particular session with an integer from 0 to whatever the fastest athlete has The athlete with 0 starts on the watch and subsequent athletes on a seconds countdown,so an athlete with a handicap of 10 starts 10 seconds after the first athlete etc. Added a slider to increase/decrease horizontal display to make more compatible depending on monitor viewed on. Added a button to toggle on or off certain items on the display to give a more defined work area without unwanted clutter.

Version 4.03      07/03/2015

Added facility for multiple coaches showing different sessions and athletes depending on coach,rebranded as Autocoach

Version 4.02     03/03/2015

All agegroups now included as opposed to U11-U15 with suitable sessions for all ages,no longer have to log out and in again when adding an athlete to a current session just select menu add athlete.

Version 4.01     21/02/2015

Agegrade now split into more finite sessions and agegroups totally abolished So all sessions now split into a session that is right for the Athlete.

Version 4.0     14/02/2015

Major upgrade...Agegrade facility to record a time an athlete takes to finish in a 1K or 3K Trail run currently only 1K is used The time is used in conjunction with an athletes Date of birth to create an integer called Agegrade. New endurance athletes are obliged to run 1K or 3K on their first session in order to compute an Agegrade.The Agegrade will then group them in correct future sessions This will not be static as once a month the 1K or 3K run will be repeated for all athletes in order to update their Agegrade. School Year bug finally fixed..We will see

Version 3.05     15/11/2014

Trail run times and graphs added .

Version 3.04

Fixed code when athlete adds own times caused error as did not support new database structure .

Version 3.03

Fixed posting back when an item is selected on last row .

Version 3.02

Minor bug fixes School year not calculating correctly. Edit Athlete now has Paging and created error message if athlete not found.

Known issues: Last row in athlete sessions is posting back when an item is selected this gives undesirable results and makes that row unusable.

Version 3.01

At present this site gives access to Athletes training times, which are graphically illustrated.

And now a race Time Prediction based on Training times has been added .This is work in progess and new features will be added regularly

Fixture calendar and training calendar now added,colur coded depending on event/session ie green is competition.

Version 2.00. Now has the the provision for an athlete to enter their own times for a session, When they choose a session they wish to record a dropdownlist of times is presented for them to choose a time.

This dropdownlist is dynamic and displays a list of times that are  based on the average of their last session so as not to encumber them with a huge list of all possible times for that session.

Version 3.00

Major release includes interface for training sessions..Add new athlete they are then added to training schedule. Choose from list to give them a rating , schedules adjust accordingly. Edit an athletes profile Telno rating etc. Choose an athlete for training session from list of registered athletes with tick box ,when selection is complete refresh the list and their session is displayed for that evening This session can be default session for their age group/rating or selected individually from dropdownlists ie 800m,600M etc. Once selected the dropdown lists are populated with a list of times.If an athlete has done that session before then the times are calculated from an average of their last session + x amount of times and minus x amount of times.So if an athlete has done the last session say 800m in an average of 2.30 then available times in list wil be arranged above and below this mean value which is highlighted to give the athlete a target time for that session. If an athlete has never done the session then a much larger list is displayed in order that there will be a suitable time. The recording of the times is done by selecting the athletes time from dropdown list and when the evenings session is complete clicking on Save session all Athletes times are then saved to online database. Saving may be done any time throughout the session. Once saved any new athlete now has some history in that session and so subsequently the dropdown lists will reflect a mean target time and also a much reduced number of times to choose from thus making the timekeeping an easier operation.

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